Book Marketing – getting read(y)

I decided that before I release my book on Amazon, and since I had time on my hands while waiting for the cover design, I would get some readers for my book. To date the only people who have read it have been my alpha readers and my editor. One aspect of marketing I learnt in the Day Job is that you need to know your market. I have pretty much decided that I will sell Tag through Amazon, Smashwords and CreateSpace. The last of those is a “Print-On-Demand” venue.

Getting readers is not that hard. Getting to know who the readers is, and what they thought of the book is very hard.

The easiest way to get your work read is to post it to various forums. Mobilereads is a popular choice, and another is Scribd. Both of those sites are linked on the left. You will have to create a profile, introduce yourself and then upload your book in a format that works for those readers. For instance on Mobilereads, as the name implies, most of the members use ereading devices. That means you’ll have to get savvy with some conversion or epub authoring software. I’ll be covering all the various pieces of software and platforms I use in a later post, meanwhile here is a great tool for converting documents into well formatted ebooks,

 Scribd is a neat place to upload your work because of the social aspects of the site, it also has a HUGE user base.

If you know of any other sites where it is “safe” to publish work (i.e. you don’t lose any of your rights) then please let me know.

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