The Exclusive MobileReaders Only – Find A Typo (FAT) competition


Here’s the deal.

My goal is to produce a quality product which means NO TYPO’s in TAG. The problem is that I’ve read my manuscript hundreds of times. Too many times to see the mistakes that I know remain.

TAG – is slated to be released on Amazon, and at Smashwords, on 31st October 2010. The cover is being shot by a professional photographer and the cover design is being done by a professional graphic designer; they’re on track, but for the copy editing I need your eyeballs. So that brings us to THE CHALLENGE. Find more typo’s than anyone else and win a dollar for every typo you find, plus a credit in the book.

The Prize

A dollar a typo – YES! One whole greenback for EVERY typo you find. 50 typo’s = US$50-00

A listing in the book as a Contributing Copy Editor (Immortality is yours for the taking)

How to Win

Find the most typo’s before 15 September Competition will close on that day at Midnight Bangkok time.


I am the judge and jury – my word is final.

You MUST be a MobileReads Member doesn’t matter how long but if there’s a tie I’ll award the prize to the one who has been at MobileReads the longest.

Apart from rule #1 there are no rules: You can make teams, or fly solo. Up to you.

How to Play

Place your typo count as a reply in this thread or as a comment on my blog here (strategy is key here).

Email me, sgroyle(at)gmail(dot)com, your list of typo’s before midnight Bangkok time (PST +7) on 15th September 2010.

The Winner will be announced on 18th September and I will post the list of typo’s back in the thread.


About Simon Royle

Thinking about the future, and how to affect positive change for that future.
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