Keeping it Real


Image by Tidewater Muse via Flickr

Very High Speed Transportation (VHST) was proposed through the RAND Corporation in the early seventies and a white paper produced. That white paper was what I based Vactubes on. You can download the paper here.

Not long after I had read Salter’s white paper, I was amazed and thrilled, to see a documentary on Discovery Channel talking about exactly the same thing. Researching the marriage between Mag Lev and vacuums led me here. How long before someone buys what they are selling? Fast, clean, safe, affordable travel.

The Devstick that is the “mobile-phone” of the future, was “invented” before Apple’s iPad came out. That is simply an extension of the technology we have today. In the very near future (already available in South Korea) the phone will replace all those bits of plastic in your wallet.  Video “on the fly” is already a  reality, and as Moore’s Law begins to impact bandwidth we’ll see Devsticks come into their own. The limiting factor for mobile now is the screen size. Apple’s iPad is an attempt to move beyond a typical smart phone screen-size and an indication of where we’re headed.

Locations were another thing. The Peary and Shackleton Craters are both real places on the moon. The valley where I placed the landing strip exists and the description of the Mountains of eternal light are real. These places can be found by going to NASA’s web-site and searching the archives.

In short, all of the technology written about in the book is not only possible but some of it is being realized today. The locations are real, although of course I have changed some details here and there, after all it takes place 100 years from now…


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Thinking about the future, and how to affect positive change for that future.
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