Topside is real

“Above us only Sky”

Topside is not a figment of my imagination as the photo of the Marina Bay Sands Resort shows. It seems logical to me that as space in our cities becomes more restricted building will begin higher and go deeper. One of the things that happens is that when you buy a plot of land on the earth you buy what’s above and below it (zoning restrictions permitting).

As buildings get higher, the lower you are, the less natural light you will see. In time, as building materials and technology improve we’ll start to see the greening of the top area of cities. This is already reality in a few places, but within the Century I think it will become normal.

This image of the three hotel towers connected together with the Sky Park on top shows us how it can be done. I imagine this not being done on a single building, but multiple buildings. Covering entire sections of Cities with skylights set in to provide natural light. This would give rise to parks and, in the case of TAG, golf courses, walkways and retail space on top of the cities.

They would incorporate windbreaks, at 1000 meters high the wind speed can be a real problem if you’re playing golf.

“No Hell Below Us”

Another really interesting element that I am going to explore in the next book in the trilogy is the underground of cities of the future. In a world that has already experienced global nuclear war, living underground will be an accepted notion for the “nuked” generation (btw I really hope that this isn’t inevitable but given the proliferation of nuclear weapons I feel it is, I also think we’ll survive as a race).

Already under our cities there are vast caverns and tunnels that few of realize exist beyond the subways that we travel on. In Bangkok for example there is a rumor, unsubstantiated, but also not denied, that an underground complex exits stretching from Soi Langsuan to the American Embassy. Built by the CIA over many years and housing rooms full of listening equipment. The same is true in Hong Kong, except in Hong Kong, it’s not a rumor it’s face. In Aberdeen GCHQ built a huge underground complex the size of four football fields as its listening post on China.

Within these tunnels, their offshoots, and pipes, people will live. A home under Las Vegas (search underground in Las Vegas), in the flood tunnels.  Consider for a moment the panic and insecurity that a forecast of heavy rain would bring…


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