Trees breathe a huge sigh of relief

It’s estimated that somewhere around 30,000,0000 trees go into producing books every year. That’s a lot, and not all of them, by any means are “farm trees”, produced for the purpose.

Recently I ran a survey on Mobilereaders, which asked: When will ebooks take over from print? A lively and interesting discussion, well worth a read, ensued and is ongoing. The results though are clear (admittedly the good folks are Mobileread are biased – most of them have ereaders), but given the number of replies I think the results are indicative of where the industry is headed. Trees everywhere are reported to be happy, but wary. They have filed a protest with the UN that another 300,000,000 of them are likely to die before the changes take effect. The UN has written a protest letter to itself; warning that if we don’t do something about this soon a committee will be formed.

Here’s the results of the survey:


About Simon Royle

Thinking about the future, and how to affect positive change for that future.
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