Amazon Kindle commercial fail

The last time an Agency hoping to win RIM’s business tried this, they ended up getting juiced.

I am not a rabid Apple fan, but this kind of advertising turns me off through its inherent negativity. Why not shoot for the positive instead – you know, that thing they called the high ground?

The easy response to the current ad?

iPAD POV: Apple device showing huge wave on screen.

MAN POV: Shocked look on his face says to woman. “Excuse me. Did you know that there’s a Tsunami headed this way? I just saw it on the news.”

Cut to woman’s face with shocked expression (takes off expensive sunglasses): “Really how much time do we have before it hits?”

MAN POV: Heroes look on his face says to woman. “Five minutes.”

Cut to Woman hand over mouth in shock.

MAN POV, holds out his hand to her and says: “But it’s OK, I’ve got Google Earth up, and I’ve mapped the way out of here to the high ground.”

Cut to: Two of them fleeing the pool area, man with iPad in hand,

Cut to: Sunglasses and Kindle abandoned on lounge chair.

Cut to: Shot of two of them, from rear lying naked side by side in the sunset. Music from iPad playing a romantic tune in the background.

Voice-over: Woman’s voice, softly, chuckling, “So what happened to that Tsunami.”

Man’s voice, “You were so absorbed in that book, it was the only way I could think of to get up you here.”

Far more interesting dontcha think 🙂


About Simon Royle

Thinking about the future, and how to affect positive change for that future.
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