The Next BIG Thing

Composite image of the Earth at night.

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I’ve been struggling with the second book. Part of the problem has been that the concept behind TAG was huge and strong. Strong enough that the book can be described in a single sentence. Tag is about a conspiracy to kill two-thirds of the people on Earth by implanting them with a poisonous identity chip.

So that left me struggling with what to write next. After a few false starts I’ve got it – the next big thing.

It’s important that what you write is something you’re interested in, something that grabs your imagination. If it doesn’t grab your attention, then how are you going to grab the reader’s imagination. Not just that, but how are you even going to finish? When you write a story it is something you’re going to live with for at least a few months. So it better be something you’re engaged in.

It is now seven months since I finished writing Tag. That time hasn’t been completely wasted. I’ve spent time setting up this blog and building readers through forums and reader sites. I’ve been editing, and people who can help me to get the book published. My goal has always been to put out as near a perfectly produced book as possible. Finding the right people without spending a fortune takes time. So the time hasn’t been wasted because I’ve learnt much more about this crazy business of writing. I’ve learnt enough to know that I need to learn a lot more.

One benefit of all this time, is that I can look at Tag much more objectively than when I had first finished. I know there are problems with it. Fortunately they are problems that can be fixed and are being fixed as we “speak”.

Now I am excited; another world to dive into. Same as the old, but different. Populated with new characters, meeting the old characters and new challenges to overcome or perish.

The link to the article below has nothing to do with the next big thing by the way. I just thought that news that we’ve found another earth is pretty interesting.


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