Establishing a base on the Moon

It’s been some 38 years since we left the Moon’s surface. Too long. Despite the hokey nature of the video above I think it is a great thing that Google are doing.

We constantly harp on about how over populated our world is getting. That’s not likely to slow down, and unless we find another planet it is going to lead to World War Three. Simply put WW3 would be about resources. If we branch out into space in a globally focused attempt, as a species, rather than as individual nation states we could easily have a well advanced colony on the moon by 2050.

By 2050 the Earth’s population (by UN estimates) will be about nine billion. A third as much as it is now. Shoemaker-Levy demonstrated quite clearly that large meteorites can and do smash into planets. The advance warning on that event was a mere 18 months. The crater that was left by the impact is the same size as Earth.

Since we got up on two legs we have been migrating. As a species we have walked from Africa to Australia, the long way round. The arguments against space exploration always come back to money. How much is our survival as a species worth?


About Simon Royle

Thinking about the future, and how to affect positive change for that future.
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