Aurora Borealis

Aurora Australis

Inspired by a Scott Nicholson tweet I went looking for some photos of Aurora Borealis. I found plenty but the only one that was really cool and in the public domain was the one above, of Aurora Australis.

In TAG, Jonah takes a break from life and heads to Topside where he visits a relax lounge. He kicks back and orders an Endorpho80.

“Sure we have a cocktail called the Endorpho 80, which is really great. It’ll put your mind into a semi meditative state within 30 secs and complete muscle relaxation within 45,” she rattled this off and finished with another of those brilliant smiles and I just nodded, lying back in the Siteazy. I thought the day had definitely taken a turn for the better.

The alky arrived borne by the beautiful and young Sahara who left me with a charming, “if you need absolutely anything I am here to serve you,” and swished away with a beautiful little sway of her buttocks. I smiled to myself and took a long draught of this Endorpho. It had a slight minty flavor but wasn’t too sweet and slipped down nicely.

The relax lounge is called “Polar Nights” and features floor to ceiling Devscreens, showing Aurora Borealis. I imagine him in his Siteazy, watching the twirls and swirls of mother nature’s canvas.

Of course what he is watching is live. Not possible? You can do it today. The link is below. Welcome to the future.

More cool pics in the links below.


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