Green Roofs

Some things just make sense. Those things usually get labeled, “Common Sense”, because their inherent sense appears to be commonly understood. Green Roofs should be labeled in this way.

Take a look at the picture above. That’s a real building, and it’s beautiful isn’t? Not only is it beautiful but it is also good for us. Here’s why:

– it keeps the building an average of ten degrees cooler in Summer (cool), reducing greatly the “urban heat island effect” caused by its black-tar cousins

  • – it captures rainwater
  • – the plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen
  • – reduce the building’s energy needs for heating and cooling
  • – AND it’s nice to look at.

Here’s the thing. Cities are still expanding space is at a premium and they’re getting hotter. What will happen is two things: 1. Buildings will go taller; 2. Buildings will go deeper. These two facts are just economics, but as space in Cities becomes more expensive this is what will happen. The natural result of that is that it will take longer to get to anything that is “natural”.

Humans need nature. No, I’m not going to go all Hippy on you, well I might, but, tell me don’t you feel good when you take your shoes off and scrunch your toes up into the grass. Don’t you feel “connected”.

Hopefully, more buildings will take this approach.


About Simon Royle

Thinking about the future, and how to affect positive change for that future.
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